Smart Companies Work Together
Smart Resources™ deliver on the promises of keeping you staffed at 100% capacity. We work with our affiliate companies ensuring that we are recruiting the best people, up-training them to increase their abilities and pairing them with the best companies.

We Pay Attention To Our Customers’ Needs

We’ve helped dozens of companies make outsourced labor a profit center. We can help you save money by offering a skilled labor force of ready-to-work employees paid a better wage, benefits plan, and continued employment once your project wraps up. We differ significantly from traditional staffing companies because we utilize a strategic approach to creating a stable workforce that we train to fulfill the needs of each of our clients. While most staffing companies focus on pushing warm bodies through the door, we stick to a selective hiring process and focus on providing the training necessary to complete the work at the highest of standards.

Our Smart Resources™ Affiliate Companies

Each of our affiliates specializes in different aspects of the 3LP industry, enabling each company to excel in its field. What that means for you as a Smart Resources™ customer is that you are hiring a tailor-made workforce.

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Smart Search - Recruiting is Branding

Make better people decisions through Smart Search and transform you productivity and retention.

Smart Search - Recruiting is Branding

We are complete on-demand hiring solutions for companies that need a viable workforce. We help you dramatically reduce cost per hire, time to hire, and time to fill because we track, measure, and report on recruiting metrics to minimize attrition.
What if you could guarantee you and your hiring managers are hiring the right candidates?

What if I told you that the way in which you ask questions, and the process in which you set up the steps for selection could improve your quality of hire by 70%?

We have a unique and targeted methodology for hiring that leads the industry in quality placements. We are so confident in our process we put a 100% money back guarantee behind our service. We do this because we know when we partner with a company and they implement our process, they will never go back to traditional recruiting.