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Put your hiring needs into the hands of a partner that started inside a warehouse – not as an agency.
We lived the challenges our clients face, now we help create the ideal team of workers to increase profits through your most valuable resource, your people.
Our solutions include:

Custom Onsite

Custom Onsite Strategy

Simplify your billing with one point of contact. Our Onsite Strategists are not just there to check people in, but increase fill rates while improving safety and retention – a Smart Strategy!

Quick Dispatch

Quick Dispatch

Our local branches are always equipped and building talent pools for your immediate opening, projects etc.

Employer Resources

Employer Resources

Bells and Whistles are included! Salary / Market Analysis, Associate Satisfaction Survey’s, Safety Assessments, digital timecards, and approval – That’s Smart Staffing.

Ready to find your next Smart Hire?

Take the hassle out of recruiting! Let our staffing specialists do the heavy lifting and find the perfect people for the job.

Smart Staffing's Customer-driven process

Smart Staffing provides strategic labor solutions to reduce outsourced staffing expenses and maximize revenues. Our vetting and training processes ensure a reliable workforce, while on-site strategists help with successful methods to reduce employee turnover and make the most of investment.

Audit discovery

Audit / Discovery

We perform an extensive review of your processes to gain an understanding of your requirements and form an actionable plan for continued success. 

proposal and agreement

Proposal and Agreement

We present our recommendations and offerings, then agree to services and sign. 

Continued Support

Continued Support

Our on-site strategist keeps all the parts running smoothly and efficiently, allowing us to stay on track with our objectives and ensure quick, seamless staffing. 

build your workforce

Build Your Workforce

By recruiting carefully and offering in-depth
training, we develop a stable workforce for your Business. 

Customer-driven process
vetted labor

Smart Staffing means Vetted Labor,
Ready to work!

Employing a reliable workforce is a challenge every company faces at one time or another. Fortunately, you can eliminate this problem when you work with Smart Staffing™. We create the workforce you need, lowering your operations’ costs while increasing your profits.

What is a Staffing Company?

Smart Staffing is a Staffing Company that recruits and trains a workforce to meet their clientele’s requirements. Candidates are thoroughly vetted before hiring, and the exacting process ensures an employee pool that can handle your workload.

What is a Staffing Company_

We believe in the power of data

High turnover can be expensive, we get it! For more than 15 years we have been exacting the best process for ensuring the right person is hired for your job. This significantly reduces turnover and saves in recurring training and hiring expenses.

Our numbers tell the story!


Positions filled




Hours Saved Annually


Unique Employees

smart resources

We know people,
in all industries.

Smart Resources offers four different arms of expertise through our family of Companies – Smart Trades, Smart Search, Smart Gigs and Smart Staffing.

These separate but collaborative Companies ensure we offer the most suitable job-related services, meeting sector-specific criteria and procedures while at the same time streamlining the process of employing personnel across multiple industries.

Industrial Staffing

  • Production
  • Manufacturing
  • Line workers
  • Warehouse
  • Forklift Operators
  • Light Industrial
  • Logistics
  • General Labor
smart search

Corporate Recruiting

  • Clerical
  • Professional
  • Executive
  • Management
  • Sales
  • Office environment
  • Call Centers
  • Technical

Trades & Skilled Labor

  • All construction
  • Skilled Trades
  • Construction Laborers
  • Construction Cleanup
  • Automotive Mechanics
  • Facilities Maintenance
  • Welders
  • *no day labor
smart crews

Temp work & Gigs

  • 1099 Workers
  • Contractors
  • Short Term Events
  • Day Labor

We faced the same challenges as our clients, and curated a Smart solution.

Smart Staffing was created out of a need for reliable outsourced labor to meet a clients’ needs. We have seen first-hand what inadequate labor can do to a business and decided to fix the problem ourselves. We developed our unique method that seeks to ensure success for all involved parties, not just us.

This threefold model focuses on cultivating and investing in the workforce and strategically placing them for ultimate success. Through our unique approach, we have cultivated a specialized workforce and empowered them with the necessary skills to succeed. Our innovative model of success guarantees a win-win-win situation for all parties involved. We are dedicated to promoting universal success – no matter the business or industry – by providing high quality labor and strategic placement.

Our numbers tell the story!

Joe Hempel

Smart Staffing President.

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