What to Expect When Using a Staffing Agency: A Guide for Employers and Employees

Interesting Fact 1: Over 8 million people in the U.S. find work through temporary work agencies every year.

Interesting Fact 2: No reputable staffing agency will require a fee from the employees that it helps find a job. The employer pays the fee, not the employee!

I've never used a staffing agency. How do I apply as an employer or employee?

There are usually two ways to apply that work for both employees and employers.  The most common way is to fill out a form online.  The other option is to go into a brick and mortar location.  Each of these have their pluses and minuses.  The digital route makes it difficult to develop a personal connection that can help when matching employees to employers.  In order to overcome this some companies feature people who will either call or email to get a better feel for each individual.  This will help them to provide better matches.  Going into a location will take a little more time, but the personal connection is easier.

What criteria is used to screen potential employees before employment?

Every person is thoroughly screened to protect employers against fraud.  In addition, the screening process also develops a profile that will create stronger matches for both employer and employee.  The matches made will help employers find workers that are more satisfied in their position, and they will stay with the company for a longer time.  This can save companies huge amounts of money in constantly training new employees who are less productive early on.

How long does it take to find work for an employee, or an employee for a job?

This will vary greatly based on each positions required qualifications and each employee’s personality and skill set.  Matches can be made in as little as one day in some cases.  The most important thing is getting a match as quickly possible without sacrificing the quality of the pairing.  This will give both employee and employers pairings that will be much more sustainable.

How often are employees paid, and how does the payment work?

Field employees are paid on a weekly basis.  There are different options for submitting time cards that can be set up based on what’s easiest for the employer. Time cards are due by each Monday morning in order to get paychecks processed and sent out by Friday.  Each employee will have the choice of receiving a traditional paycheck or using direct deposit.

Can temporary employees be hired on full time with an employer?

Yes they can however many companies find that it can be more cost effective to maintain a long-term employee through the staffing agency instead.  By eliminating liability and not needing to pay benefits it can be easier and cheaper than hiring an employee.  If you are wanting to bring an employee onto your payroll the timeframe will be negotiated prior to having the position filled.

Are staffing agencies only for low-skill or entry level positions?

No, not at all.  Entry level positions being the only positions available and filled is probably the most common misconception about staffing services.  There are definitely plenty of higher skilled positions and employees being placed in them.  In addition, employee development and training helps ensure individuals are progressing and meeting each employer’s expectations.