Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get your candidates?

Smart Staffing employs several recruitment strategies. We find some of our best candidates come from referrals from some of our best employees. We also attend and conduct job fairs and maintain strong working relationships with local government employment services. We also utilize the Internet posting boards and online classifieds in searching for qualified candidates.

Do all candidates go through your screening process?

Yes, all candidates will go through the screening process. Smart Staffing has standard
operating procedures that ensure that every applicant is thoroughly screened and vetted to be placed at your company according to your specific qualifications.

Do you specialize in a specific industry?

Smart Staffing concentrates on the light industrial logistics, manufacturing, and call center industries. We staff all positions in distribution centers, fulfillment / order selecting companies and in various manufacturing companies and call centers.

How long before I can bring Smart Staffing employees onto my payroll?

The time is negotiated with service agreements. We can show the cost benefit in maintaining the Smart Staffing employee as a long term contingent employee while avoiding the liability of an additional full time employee.

Who takes responsibility should there be an accident?

Smart Staffing field employees are covered under workers' compensation for on-the-job injuries that occur while on assignment. We may ask for help in gathering information on an accident and participate in corrective action.

What is the process if there are performance issues with your employee?

Should there be any items of concern with performance you can notify the Smart Staffing On-Site manager or the local Smart Staffing office. Smart Staffing will work with the employee in correcting the items of concern and with the customer's help, develop a corrective action plan. Should a corrective action plan not be an option, Smart Staffing will work with the employee in finding them a different position.

If I have a need for tomorrow will you be able to provide someone qualified?

We believe in developing and delivering a staffing strategy customized to your company's needs. Sometimes this means deploying employees ASAP or next day. There may be some special circumstances where finding the right skill match is difficult, but are continuously recruiting, interviewing, and screening employees to expand our database of qualified candidates to fulfill your needs. Smart Staffing does not believe in sending just anybody to your work site. We pride ourselves on sending the right candidate with the right skills for the right position.

How and when do your employees get paid?

Our field employees are paid weekly. We will work with you to determine the best option for submitting time cards for our employees assigned to your facility. Because of payroll deadlines time tracking submissions are due by end of business on Monday for payroll disbursement on Friday. Employees have the option of receiving a live check or having their funds direct deposited in to their checking or savings account.