Smart Staffing is committed to safety. Preventing work-related injuries and illnesses and ensuring our employees have a safe place to work is a top priority. Our safety and risk management objectives include:

• Developing and implementing general and client specific risk management policies and procedures.
• Conducting continuing education and training for our staff in the area of risk management.
• Partnering with premier clients who share our same commitment to employee safety.
• Participating in client safety meetings.
• Following proper hiring, onboarding, orientation, and training procedures, as well as ensuring adequate supervision of our employees.
• Providing prompt, competent medical treatment for injured employees.
• Conducting accident investigations for all safety incidents including Root Cause Analysis to identify and improve safety.
• Enforcing aggressive return-to-work programs to accommodate injured or ill employees.
• Investigating and prosecuting workers compensation fraud.
Over the past year Smart Staffing and its client companies have had zero lost time accidents. We have been able to accommodate all injured employees with restricted work assignments and have returned 100% of injured employees to full working status.