Successful Staffing Partnership

Smart Staffing was awarded the 2012 Supplier of the Year by IntegraCore. They have given us permission to publish the highlights of the success we were able to achieve for them. Call us to discuss how we can deliver similar results for you.

IntegraCore was using two different agencies to meet the high volume of staffing required to support their operation. In December 2011 IntegraCore partnered with Smart Staffing and our dedicated On-Site Management and Recruiting Model allowed Smart Staffing to be a sole provider and achieve the incredible results seen below:

Previous staffing retention at client was around 50% (Guesstimated by IntegraCore because this stat wasn't tracked by the staffing agencies)

New staffing retention rate in January was 69% and has climbed fairly steadily month over month. In September the retention rate was 91% and the overall YTD retention rate is up to 83%.

On Time Fill Rate for skilled orders (within 48 hours) 95%
On Time fill rate for asap orders (within 3 hours) 93.7%

Payroll accuracy is at 99.4% YTD
Billing accuracy is at 99.2% YTD

Zero lost time accidents

These results came from Smart Staffing's innovative strategies such as:

• Continually striving to improve and align employees to company values and culture through onboarding every employee which includes company values, client mission, Basics of ISO9001, Company policy and procedures, and dress code and appearance review.

• The Onsite Manager conducts monthly safety and culture meeting with every department to review and train on safety and reinforce IntegraCore company culture.

• Smart Staffing conducts monthly alignment meetings with IntegraCore management and HR to ensure continual alignment and focus on continuous improvement.

• Participation in weekly/monthly safety meetings and play an active role in promoting safety throughout the company.

• Weekly checkup meeting with all managers and supervisors to review successes and challenges faced that week in order to constantly improve delivery to all "customers" and proactive address concerns before they become problems.


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