One of our key missions at Smart Staffing is to Build People. We want you to grow and develop and attain your career goals. Smart Staffing works closely with client companies to develop skills enhancement and career progression plans. We encourage you, our valued employees, to continually strive to improve yourself and enhance your skills. We offer many learning and training resources to assist you in attaining your goals.

Forklift Certification
OSHA requires employers to ensure that lift truck operators within their facility are competent to operate a powered industrial truck by having them successfully complete specific training and evaluation. Smart Staffing offers certification to our employees, making you more marketable for the top positions at premier employers in your area.

Order Picker Certification
Smart Staffing has developed a certification program for order pickers. Your successful completion of this course provides you documented proof of your qualifications and skills and enhancing your market value as an employee.

English as a Second Language
The ability to succeed in America is directly related to the level of education and ability to communicate in English. We want all of our employees to succeed now and in the future so we offer monthly English as a Second Language classes.

Personal Finance Management
Having control over your personal finances is an important skill that allows you to maintain focus and reduce stress. As part of our mission to develop people we offer a personal finance managment course to assist our employeess development in this area.